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What is Meth and is it treatable?
Meth, also called crystal meth, is a schedule II stimulant that is illegal to use, distribute and manufacture in the United States. Despite the law however, crystal meth is still widely used and manufactured all across the country.   Meth stands for methamphetamine, and it acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system that releases large amounts of dopamine in the brain. What's more, the effects of meth can last for up to eight hours, which makes it a very cheap drug for the amount that a user has to buy. However, meth addiction is very common because the body can quickly grow dependent on meth.

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  • Meth Addiction

    When a person gets addicted to meth, which is comparable to addiction to opiates for the amount of usage it takes, the withdrawal symptoms can be painful and immediate. Many meth users will take more meth to allay the withdrawal symptoms, thereby increasing their tolerance for the drug. This creates a vicious cycle where tolerance spikes, and the user has to use more and more meth in order to maintain the positive effects of the drug. This can quickly spiral out of control, leading to overdoses or hospitalization for the individual in question.
  • Overcoming Meth Addiction

    While the drugs are different, getting clean is a process that is remarkably similar for one drug to the next. Users that have a meth addiction and which need help should contact a doctor and have their condition evaluated. A person whose condition isn't serious can quit on his or her own, while someone who has a more serious addiction may need to be hospitalized and kept under observation just to be certain that nothing goes wrong with his or her condition. Once the patient's body has gotten used to the absence of meth, they are officially "clean" physically. However, the mental aspects of meth addiction will still need to be addressed.
  • Therapy and Adjustment

    Once someone has overcome the physical part of meth addiction, the next step is to overcome the mental part of the same addiction. The reasons why a person used meth don't go away just because he or she has reset their body chemistry. Whether it's because the person is depressed, spends time in social circles where doing meth is appropriate, they use meth as a way to deal with the tension and stress of work or family responsibilities; all of that is still going to be present. As a result, all of that has to be dealt with by the person who was using. Otherwise the chances of that person relapsing and going back to meth use remain extremely high. It's this part of the process, more than any other, that is hardest to break concerning meth addiction.